Felix Jacomino

Ever since the title of my latest session hit the twitters, I've gotten quite a few LOLs and probably more than one unpublished WTF! (Well That's Fantastic!) 😉

Spoiler Alert: For those of you just dying to watch me attempt to go over 138.88 apps per second, sorry, it's simply not going to happen.

The session description for 500,000 Apps in 60 Minutes begins with, "A wise man once said, 'Give a teacher an app, and she's got a day's lesson; Teach her how to find the right apps, and she'll have lessons for a lifetime!'" My hope is that everyone will get the parallel to the familiar saying about fish and fishing. I also make reference to the many '10 Best Apps' articles that circulate accompanied with #EdTech, #mlearning, #iPadEd, and similar hashtags. Those are great to come by and I have learned about many wonderful and useful apps that way. I have also attended 30 Apps in 60 Minutes as well as the double-paced 60 Apps in 60 Minutes and again, I gained a heap of new ideas and, of course, apps. Now, was the session enough? No way! It wasn't until I sat down and clicked the next button on the Prezi at my own pace that I really got to absorb all the information. Don't we all go back over the presentations shared with us after a conference? Well, no.

My goal for this giddily-titled session is to uncover the various resources, websites, EdTech folks, search techniques, and yes, even apps so that tablet-wielding educators can create a menu (curriculum), get a good cookbook (SAMR model), and go to the various fishing spots (resources) to catch a whole lot of big fish.

Dinner (student creation) is going to be delicious!