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Focus on the Negative

This post's title is not an encouragement to do so. It is what I caught myself doing as I read 60 mind-blowingly positive reviews about Miami Device. Yes, 59.67 of them are some of the most glowing and overwhelmingly affirmative statements I've ever read about a professional development experience. But there is that one-third of a comment that was bugging me.

The commenter expresses that speakers were good at "saying what you shouldn't do, but not how you should do it." This person also pointed out the exact minute into a session a presenter mentioned what was contained in the session's title.

Fast forward to minutes before starting this post... I'm reading George Couros' The Innovator's Mindsetand it clicks!

Examples will be shared, not with the intent to dictate what schools and educators should do, but to provoke thought and inspire you to create your own innovative approach in your practice as an individual and for your organization.

The negative third of that one comment was obviously from a "tell me what to do and I'll repeat" mindset. My hopes are that the person who felt this way about the experience will one day question what and how they think of education and take a nice, deep dig into the message contained in George's book. Summed up, it's a mindset. <facetious target="negative commenter">If you're keeping track, it's the 3rd word in the title.</facetious>

The two-day learning event was never meant to provide a prescription. It never promised to provide a recipe or a "curriculum" for any or all to follow. The majority of responses mentioned how non-tech and pro-philosophical the experience was. So, if anyone is disappointed about coming away from Miami Device without a "how to" list, good. 🙂

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  • Joanie Wachter

    November 21, 2015 at 7:22 pm

    Ahhhh…Felix, Miami Device is THE #1 learning experience; with 20 years in edtech, I have been to quite a few conferences/workshops, and I know an amazing experience when I see it! Don’t spend a second on the negative….instead think of how you have encouraged so many people who are redefining education, people who are enthusiastic about what our students can do in the right environment. Pat yourself on the back for a tremendous learning experience for the very fortunate 350 people who came from all over the world to see and hear and to be inspired by world class educators. Each of the attendees will bring amazing ideas back to their schools….imagine how many students you have affected! Not only during Miami Device, but for those of us who have been fortunate enough to visit Saint Stephen’s and to have seen tech-in-action at your school. Felix, my friend, thank you for your hard work, for your enthusiasm, and for the warm welcome you give to everyone, whether it is online, at Saint Stephen’s, or at Miami Device!

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