Felix Jacomino

Paprika Recipe Manager is an app that's available for iOS, Mac, PC, Android, Kindle Fire and Nook Color. I switched to Paprika from another app called YummySoup! after the developer seemingly abandoned the whole project. Paprika is more than a recipe management app. It allows you to import recipes from websites very easily. If the app recognizes the format of the recipe on a particular site, it'll import it with one click. If it doesn't, it gives you a simple way to identify the parts of the recipe (title, ingredients, directions, servings, source, and much more). Paprika also makes it possible to schedule meals with a built in calendar and even create grocery lists from your chosen recipe.


Camarones Enchilados (Cuban-Style Creole Shrimp)

I discovered the "export" function and when I saw it was in plain html, I was thrilled! I figured I'd simply upload it to my site and share my recipes with my friends. Well, two things kept this from being ideal. 1) I wish Paprika offered cloud space where all your recipes would stay in sync but with the added ability to share it with others and even (for an extra fee) bring your own domain. 2) Since it gives me the ability to export to html, I wish there was a way to make it look nicer than just plain text and a small version of the recipe photo.

I know a little CSS. Enough to be dangerous but not creative. It would also take me forever to get it just the way I liked it. Enter oDesk! I posted a project that read something like, "Create CSS for plain html recipe site." Within minutes I had dozens of bids and I chose a very nice Filipina named Marivic O. A couple days later (I told her to take her time as I was not in a rush), she showed me her first design and I loved it immediately!

I hope you enjoy the collection of recipes I have so far as well as the CSS styling done by Marivic.