Felix Jacomino

Teachers are quick to point out the importance of equality and of equity.

"All students deserve the chance to..."

"All students should have the opportunity to..."

Did you fill in the blanks? Educators are in the fortunate position to see all students, all 'kids,' all the younger human beings they spend time with as equals, yet as individuals. This is why so many awesome educators are as cool as they are. They "get it."

8803690296_ea997d4b34So, what about the teachers themselves? The professional educators who take care of our children? The ones who stoke creativity, demand critical thinking, remove the negativity from the word failure, celebrate diversity, and encourage questions? How do they continue to grow? Who supports their professional development?

Unfortunately, those Mrs. Awesomes and Mr. Encouragements of the world too often work at schools and districts that will not support them to grow as the professionals that they are for many reasons. Some political, some budgetary, and some others more complicated. Regardless, it is not the students' fault and doing something about it is the purpose of this post.

Would you rather your doctor go on 1970s practices, or the latest? How about your lawyer or accountant's knowledge on the latest changes in the system? Do you not demand the most up-to-date technology in your newest devices?

Then why leave teachers behind?

The purpose of this crowdfunding effort is so that teachers who couldn't otherwise attend top-notch professional development can do so. Miami Device is a non-profit, two day conference that will focus on ways to help teachers reach students and get them ready for their future, not our past. The effort to raise funds for this has been through GoFundMe and as of this post, it is at 50% of its goal.

If this post has resonated with you, if you agree teachers need more support for the ultimate goal of the improved education of our students (our children, if you're a parent), please consider demonstrating that conviction by visiting the link below and giving anything from the price of your next latte to whatever makes you feel great! 🙂


Thank you. Thank you, so much!