Felix Jacomino


Only 10 days before Miami Device and I find myself in a very familiar place. Connectivity issues!!! Right up until the day before 305 people from all around the world descended on St. Stephen's campus in 2014, I was fighting a battle on the side of my job I enjoy, but least care for... the IT side. It was Comcast last year and this time around, it's Aerohive, the internal WiFi system that requires a network of APs throughout the campus. For the record, I love them and you can even see a testimonial I did during ISTE a few years back.

Why do I bring this up? Well, it's because I so often highlight educational leaders like George Couros and Todd Nesloney. What I most appreciate about them is their willingness to share what doesn't work! Yes, these gentlemen have a slew of examples of what does work, but it's their transparency and willingness to share all that I admire most.

I Voxed Todd and gave him the lowdown on my 9-hour trial today. He had one thing to say and I'm only sharing it because I sure hope he is right...

Felix, despite Internet and wifi issues, Miami Device is going to be the BEST because of everyone involved in the conversation. Even if the world's power was out, the amazing network of educators you will have on your campus will ensure a professional development experience like no other.

Not only do I hope Todd is right, I also hope the WiFi works for those who will depend on it!

I also have to say that I admire friends like Carl Hooker and Tony Vincent who also do amazing (WiFi-dependent) things in the EdTech world!


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