Felix Jacomino


felix_medDirector of Innovation & Technology

Felix is currently the Director of Innovation & Technology at Gulliver Schools, a co-educational private college preparatory day school with an international and national reputation for excellence, in Miami, Florida. He is the founder of Miami Device, a learning event he organized and hosted for its first two runs.


Presenter & PD Leader

As an educator, Felix quickly learned the importance of sharing what works well in the classroom. Becoming part of a professional learning network (PLN) became important to him when he began attending conferences, connecting with other like-minded professionals, and learning from great educators all around the world. Presenting quickly became an enjoyable way for Felix to share and connect. He has now led many workshops, presentations, sessions, panel discussions, courses, and even a few keynotes.

Feel free to contact Felix to discuss having him come out to present at your event, school, or district.


A bachelor of Music Education (cum laude) with an emphasis in choral conducting was Felix's entry into education. After three years as a music teacher, he decided to pursue another interest of his and got certified as a computer network engineer. Although he thought he was leaving education for a business career in the computer field, fate had another plan. He ended up teaching computer classes and found a new passion - Educational Technology.

Currently, Felix expects to graduate with his Master of Education in Educational Leadership from American College of Education in February of 2018.

Family Guy

Judy Jacomino has been putting up with Felix since their summer of '98 wedding day. 😉 They have two wonderful daughters and everyone in the Jacomino household enjoys two things the most when they're together - traveling and good eats!